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Aiako Harriak Natural Park

Aiako Harriak Natural Park

Aiako Harria in Basque or Peñas de Aya in Spanish, is a massif east of the town of Oiartzun. 

The range is very popular with the inhabitants of the area. The massif comprises three summits extending 4-odd kilometres north to south in a row, namely Irumugarrieta (806 m), Txurrumurru (821 m) and Erroilbide (837 m).  At its western foot, the mountain holds the site Arditurri related to ancient Oiasso with a network of mine corridors carved in the rock and put down to Romans. 

Itinerary 1: the tour of Aiako Harriak

Level: medium

Elevation: 1200 feet (400 m) 

Duration: 6 hours walk

Distance: 7,5 milles (12 km)

Starting Time: 8h30 (8:30am)

Arrival Time: 15h30 (3:30pm)


This walk has been designed to admire both sides of the range. On go way we will walk through the steep mountainside visiting the waterfalls that flow from the top of the mountain. On the return way we will take a flat and beautiful way along one channel created to transport water.

Itinerary 2: Artikutza

Level: easy

Elevation: 1200 feet (400 m) 

Duration: 4 hours walk

Distance: 7,5 milles (12 km)

Starting Time: 8h30 (8:30am)

Arrival Time: 14h30 (3:30pm)


This tour has been created for families and easy going walkers that want to admire one of the wildest places in the Basque Country. 

The village of Artikutza is a territory that belongs to San Sebastian's city hall and has been conserved as it was a 100 years ago. This forest has not been used for human purposes since them and has recovered itself finding it now as it was in the prehistorical times. 

We also will take advantage to visit old places where industrial activities where carried on, such as coal manufacturing, mining or mineral transportation. In Artikutza, it was running the longest train for narrow railways of Spain until it was closed in 1917.

What should I bring?

Wearing: mountain boots or trekking shoes / sportive cloths / Gore-Tex or rain jacket in case of rain or wind / pullover / winter jacket in case of cold / one or two sticks to walk.

Eating: we will do a break in order to have some snack. Each person will carry its own food. As suggestions you could bring: a sandwich, nuts, fruit, energetic bars, etc, 

Drinking: minimum a litre of water

What's Included

- The price includes an accident insurance that in case of accident, if the person could not walk, would cover the transport cost of the person (Helicopter, ambulance,...) and rehabilitation in the insurance agreed hospitals .

- Expert mountain guiding provide by a certified mountain guide.

What's Extra

- Transport.

- Food and drinks.

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