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Who is Gontxu?

After my university studies in the Business Administration, I left the city to travel a bit the world, then, I was living in several countries like Ireland, France, Iran, Mexico or Benin. I learned a bit about other cultures and towns around the world.

After my experiences abroad, I decided to come back to San Sebastian and settled down in my native city for guiding and showing to visitors the magic of the region.

I love nature and on my free time I love to go into the ocean for surfing or swimming and into the mountains for climbing or trekking.

I am also passionate of history and culture and a good food lover, always ready for good tasting meal :-)

I am looking forward to meeting you and transmit you the magic of our region, let's do it combining 3 Basque passions: gastronomy, culture and nature, I am sure we are going to have a great time together.

About BeSanSebastian

BeSansebastian is a project born from an idea to show people coming from everywhere in the planet the Basque traditional and new culture, the Basque nature and the Basque gastronomy in an adventurous way. 

Every tour is a mix of this three elements: culture, nature and gastronomy, becoming itself a wonderful experience, an adventure.


- Wide experience guiding tourists in San Sebastian.
- Certified Middle Mountain Guide degree.
- Experience living in other countries such as France, Ireland, Iran, Mexico or Benin.
- 5 years Business administration degree.


For the tours that need a car, Gontxu would pick you up at the arranged place with a fully equipped air-conditioned van with space for 7 people plus driver.

How many languages do we speak?

Tours are offered in 3 different languages: English, French and Spanish

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