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Aralar Natural Park

Aralar Natural Park

The Aralar Range is a mountain range in the Basque Mountains of Southern Basque Country. The part of the range lying in Gipuzkoa was established as a conservation area called Aralar Natural Park in 1994.


In addition to its natural features, scenic beauty, recreational use and habitation, the range is home to a rich corpus of Basque mythology milestones and legends.

Itinerary: The glacial Valley of Aritzaga

Level: medium

Elevation: 2.300 feet (700 m) 

Duration: 6 hours walk

Distance: 6,2 milles (10 km)

Starting Time: 8h30 (8:30am)

Arrival Time: 15h30 (3:30pm)


This is an excursion that will make us travel at times to the Alps or the Pyrenees since it is the only glacial valley in the Basque Country, the Arritzaga valley, a jewel of Basque geology that was formed thanks to the ice that covered this mountain range. 40,000 years ago.


Buruntzunzin copper mines have been located in the same valley for 3,500 years. At the beginning of the XVIII century became one of the largest companies in the State, with more than 600 workers. These mines were open until 1965, with part of the machinery that was used during the last century still preserved at the place.

What should I bring?

Wearing: mountain boots or trekking shoes / sportive cloths / Gore-Tex or rain jacket in case of rain or wind / pullover / winter jacket in case of cold / one or two sticks to walk.

Eating: we will do a break in order to have some snack. Each person will carry its own food. As suggestions you could bring: a sandwich, nuts, fruit, energetic bars, etc, 

Drinking: minimum a litre of water

What's Included

- The price includes an accident insurance that in case of accident, if the person could not walk, would cover the transport cost of the person (Helicopter, ambulance,...) and rehabilitation in the insurance agreed hospitals .

- Expert mountain guiding provide by a certified mountain guide.

What's Extra

- Transport.

- Food and drinks.

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