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Coastline walk tour: the flysch

The flysch: the Basque Coast most famous scenery

If you are looking for a special day of trekking during your stay in Basque country, this would be without any doubt your first choice because Basque landscapes are about green mountains and blue ocean and both of them are mixed with the most harmonious elegance in this magical part of the coast.

Did you know. . .
. . . geologists from all over the world come to these cliffs to study what happened during millions of years to Earth?
. . . this is 1 of the 3 points in Earth where the dinosaurs extinction provoked by a meteor theory can be proven?
. . . due to its beauty a few chapters of game of thrones were recorded in this area?

Let's talk along the way about all these subjects and let's mix our talks with a bit of mysticism and Romanticism as we also will be doing part of the St. James way, the same way that thousands of pilgrims have been doing since the medieval on their travels to visit St James's apostle tomb in Santiago.


Nivel: medio

Altitud: 2000 pies (600 m)  

Duración: 6 horas de caminata

Distancia: 9,3 milles (15 km)


Hora de inicio: 8h30 (8:30 am)

Hora de llegada: 15h30 (3:30 pm)



In San Sebastian, we will take the train (3€) or the van to go to Zumaia where we will start our adventure. For 5 hours we will be immersed in ups and downs along beautiful cliffs and landscapes. In the middle of the way we will stop in the amazing beach of Sakoneta, to take a break.


At the end of the way the town of Deba will be waiting for us, there, we will take the train to go back to San Sebastian or to Zumaia if we came with the van.

What should I bring?

Wearing: mountain boots or trekking shoes / sportive cloths / Gore-Tex or rain jacket in case of rain or wind / pullover / winter jacket in case of cold / one or two sticks to walk.

Eating: we will do a break in order to have some snack. Each person will carry its own food. As suggestions you could bring: a sandwich, nuts, fruit, energetic bars, etc, 

Drinking: minimum a litre of water

What's Included

- The price includes an accident insurance that in case of accident, if the person could not walk, would cover the transport cost of the person (Helicopter, ambulance,...) and rehabilitation in the insurance agreed hospitals .

- Expert mountain guiding provide by a certified mountain guide.

What's Extra

- Transport (aprox 6 €)

- Food and drinks.

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