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The Amusement Park

San Sebastian and surroundings every summer time become an amusement park and your life then looks like a continuous non-stop activity plan. Every week-end is an adventure in Basqueland :-)

Here we go with a few highlights

Settle your tent in the middle of Lesaka town, start the night with a huge dinner at the Sidrerias's town, go dancing all night and copy this: carry always your red scarf.

Go Swimming, kayaking or both with your friends on La Concha Bay from Ondarreta to Santa Clara Island is a must. It is be the fairground's queen.

Only for the most adventurous this amusement park has been equipped with the best climbing areas that you can imagine, pure life-stone waiting for you to conquer their Routes.

When temperatures go up to 30ºC swim, swim and swim, there is water anywhere: lakes like this one, rivers, the sea, ... hundreds of attractions open to the visitor these hot days.

And here we go with the fairground's king: The Wild mountains. They are everywhere, 24 hours open for you to run, trek, sleep, play, relax or just laugh in them.

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