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One Year for BeSanSebastian

Hello to everybody!

It is time to share conclusions after achieving almost a year of professional working as a tourist guide.

First one! The feeling of doing what I like: being with people, moving, sharing information, discovering, having fun, making every single tour an adventure, makes me really happy.

Second, ruling this project with my own values make me feel very good, giving to people what I think it is worth, asking for what I think I deserve, learning where the limits are.

After becoming self-employed I feel I am much more aware of myself, of my needs, of the importance of giving a quality product. I feel this is working and I am getting back happiness, wealthiness, wisdom, etc... beyond from expected.

I will share following to these words some of the best moments of this year that new friends from all over the world have left in my mind.

Mike and Linn in St Jean de Luz

Mike and Lynn in St. Jean de Luz, transmitting love and enjoying every single moment of their holiday.

Sally and husband: trekking lovers, here in Ulia preparing themselves for the camino.

Ivette and familly from Hawaï, my second customer in 2016, making me happy with their second visit and this tour to Larun mountain.

This guys have a very special place in my hurt. Here the typical picture in the comb of the wind.

How to forget to John and wife, what a nice attitude, the day with them I was feeling like it was floating from one place to the other. Here showing their happiness in Zumaia.

Susan and Ellen were also a great surprise, with the right aptitude and attitude we climbed Gaztelugatxe and Oma while keeping deep discussions about love over sixties :-))))

Here in Laga Madrigal familly showing us how to enjoy life beyond the human limits, Manolo and Ana are blind but this doesn't stop them

In this pict Will and Janelle after having done Talaia's way.

And how to forget Ozuna family and the dozens of activities that they planned for their week holiday in the Basque Country.

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