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Pozalagua: The Cave

Exists in the last coin of Basque Country a hidden spot that I haven't heard mention before until a singular couple from Australia came last Sunday and thanks to a great friend and a better colleague Mr. Aitor Delgado I was able to meet.

They are Esther and Harry

What a surprise when Aitor announced me that the tour was going to consist on drive 2 hours through the whole Basque Country to arrive the most remote point, the lost Karranza Valley. There!!! the tourist office has done a great job and I was impressed for the amount of activities offered.

Among this activities exists POZALAGUA

Is this another cave like others that we can find in Basque my opinion it is not, it is special, the amount of stalactites and stalagmites of different shapes and types is so huge that I was amazed the whole walk that last around 45 mins.

At one point the guide explains you that here is the only cave within another in Australia where you can see stalactites that change their direction and turn to the ceiling again...Speechless.

What an amazing experience that could have not been the same if Esther and Harry wouldn't have been there. They were really who made it special, to have been able to see their satisfaction was what really made emotional and unforgettable the experience.

Thanks Esther and Harry for such a great day :)

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